Visionboard:Ultra-Touch-Pad for Smart Table

gestures-based multi-touch for interactive applications

The large format interactive ultra-touch pad -Visionboard, is a fully-integrated 32" and 42" multi-touch panels that combine cutting-edge Projected Capacitive Touch Technology (PCT) with a stunning industrial grade, full high-definition, 120Hz LCD display, solid disk and computer mainboard.
Visionboard is specially designed for the use in education, retail, enterprise IT, advertising and entertainment for applictions requiring gesture-based support, such as the interactive information hub, touch table, kiosk, advertising display and small group presentation. 

This multi-point projected capacitive touch devices using the proprietary flexible, low sheet resistance touch sensors  has the better touch performances than any others before!  
 Refer to Video demo for Gesture-touch of Visionboard
The Visionboard delivers benefits that combine a high sensitivity-touching, easy to clean seamless front face with multi-touch experience. Similar to smartphone, it provides the fast responsive gestures-based display on the market today. The big, bright screen and attention-grabbing all glass front surface makes the Visionboard perfect for use by retailers, enterprise IT, entertainment and advertising in application requiring gestures-based support.
Please Download: Specifications of Visionboard  
Large Capacitive Touch Panel iVTP
pTCF: Patterned Transparent Conductive film technology and manufacturing 
Specifications for iVT Multi-touch Panels
Visionboard  Ultra-Touch Pad  
Demo for Gesture-touch video
Applications of Visionboard
Everywhere Touch in Smart City
Smart Home & Large Touch Panels

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Technical documentation download

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