Researchers of center will work with you to develop customized solutions for your micro/nano device applications. The center's team specializes in carrying projects all the way through from initial designs based on customer requirements to the manufacture and testing of prototypes and on to high-volume production in its own state-of-the-art facilities.

With SVG Optronics help, you get one-stop-shopping at the cutting edge of micro-nano-fabrication for flexible substrates.

The Customer Application Section (CAS) is equipped with SVG Optronics' latest maskless and interference lithography systems, other process equipments, and staffed with a number of engineers and scientists to provide development environment necessary to undertake the requirements for advanced binary and 3D lithography. Take a look at SVG's technology section for further information.


    Fabrication Services: micro-structure-molds and holographic masters; Dimensions can be made up to 40-inch and feature sizes of micro-structure ranges from 100nm to 200um.
    Digital holographic mastering: large format holographic mastering with effects of 2D/3D, kinetic, 3D, silvering and encryption in the 800 x 610mm general pattern mastering with pillar, rainbow, etc.
    LIGA technologies
    deep depth groove patterning(quadratic, hexaganal, honeycomb, chess-cross): line width:10um-200um, depth:5um-100um,
    CD groove and complicated deep depth patterns
    Light guide films(LGF) for mobile and touch screen: design and fabrication
    LGF: thichness:75um-125um, dot pitch:30-100umm
    sub-micro-grating guide film:400nm grating with special alignment dots.
    Lithography and Etching for patterning: laser direct writing or patterning design: micro-optical films and devices: Dimension:100mm, resolution>0.2 ~ 2.0um; Dimension:180mm, resolution:3um; depth to width ratio: 5:1(special parameters on demand), Substrate: polymer, PC; quartz, Ni, Si. applied for micro-optics, masks, MEMS, sensors.
    Sub-micro period structure and diffraction pattern: >100nm pitch phase gratings,quardratic grating, DOE, CGH. applied for beam splitter, Homogenizer, filter, polarizer, OVD, holograms
    ITO-free transparent condutive film for touch screen fabrication: conductive llayer on the surface of PC or PET films, no any damage to the substrates. Apllied for : OLED, touch screen,OPV, etc.
    Microlens array films: pitch: 15um-150um, array dimension:10mm-20mm, substrate: quartz; PC film, thickness:0.15-l.0mm, alignment of array:quadratic,hexagona
    NA:0.08 ~ 0.45, AR coating: no, applied for : CMOS sensor, fiber coupler, Homogenizer ,diffuse film, 3D imaging film
    Nano-Imprinting devices mastering: imprinting molding ,feature size: above 200nm dot array
    PMMA solution for imprinting,UV coating resin,embossing on film(PET,PC)

Services and delivery times

    Common fabrication: 2-8 weeks
    R&D projects on demand :3-12 months
    prices:depend on the customer's requests and the specifications

Our system combine economical cost of ownership with very high precision and reliability, which is achieved in a number of ways:

    By using error tolerant systems completely controlled and corrected by software. This concept relaxes the need for extremely precise mechanical systems. It also reduces the cost of some critical components. However, we do not save on metrology systems. All our stages use interferometers as a position measurement tool. The extreme resolution of these systems in combination with some proprietary procedures allows us to correct in real-time for a large number of imperfections.
    By carefully considering, analyzing and compensating for the effect of environmental fluctuations on our systems.
    By distributed software solutions. This means that we do not have a single master program running the system. A number of dedicated tasks organized by a very reliable, industrial and real-time operating system. The user software can be adapted in the field by an application engineer to respond directly to the needs of the user.
    By including a wealth of metrology and diagnostic functions allowing the systems to be calibrated and qualified without the need for external tools.
    By using off the shelf components as much as possible. The consequence is that we can quickly integrate the most modern technology in our systems. Only very few components are specially produced for our applications.
    By remaining a medium size company, avoiding complex and costly management structures and distributing responsibility down the line to the to application engineer working with the customer, helps the customer be productive.

    Contact Dr. Pu Donglin

    Tel: +86-512-62589157
    Fax: +86-512-62520928
    email: [email protected]

    SVG Optronics,Co., Ltd.

    478 Zhongnan Street, Suzhou Industrial Park(SIP)
    Suzhou 215026, P.R. China

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